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Realization of Industries-Related Investment Projects


Cooperation with industrial projects is one of the priorities of the ID Group Company.

ID Group in involved in:

  • Comprehensive examination of business development strategies:
  • Collection of necessary documents required for the current situation analysis
  • Analysis of organizational structure
  • Assessment of financial and business activities
  • Analysis of marketing and sales system


  • Development of integrated development strategies and creation of business plans meeting of European and Russian banking structures:
  • Determination of existing project diversification possibilities
  • New company’s structure drafting with descriptions of administrative, legal, tax and financial processes
  • Design and implementation of management accounting systems
  • Development of budgeting system
  • Taxation optimization


  • Development of cooperation with leading international companies for the purpose of innovative technologies and modern methods of production management transfer



  • Development of optimal investment project financing schemes:

  • Attraction of syndicated loans from international banks for large infrastructural projects
  • Refinancing of projects through international financial institutions
  • Organization of project financing
  • Organization of long-term funding of projects involving European countries export-credit agency for up to 18 years
  • Attraction of strategic investors
Organization of state support of investment projects