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Finance and Management Consulting

Financial Consulting


1. Comprehensive financial analysis of companies and plants’ strategies development


  • Comprehensive diagnostics of the company’s financial management system:
  • Analysis of enterprise’s financial management system
  • risks list and correction methods development
  • audit of accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • analysis of organizational structure of the company
  • financial resources cost analysis
  • development of financial management system reorganization project


  • Designing of financial strategy of the company’s development:


  • collecting and processing information on company's strategic goals
  • analysis of performance and long-term market forecasts
  • analysis of macroeconomic indicators of country’s development
  • designing of the business development model for several years ahead
  • description of strategy


  • Company costs management:

  • audit of costs in order to identify wasteful inefficient costs
  • development of system of measures aimed at costs reduction
  • identification of unused assets
  • optimization of cash flow management


  • Internal control system optimization


  • Budgeting system introduction

Methods of budget management are based on the real company’s situation


  • Development of investment management mechanisms


  • Optimization of enterprise’s production and financial cycle


2. Comprehensive analysis of state legislative documents in various industries

  • analysis of federal legislative documents including federal programs
  • analysis of nationwide trends
  • analysis of the regional legislative documents including regional programs

3. Comprehensive market research



Management Consulting



In this aspect ID Group deals with:


  • analysis of current activities of the customer
  • development and consulting support resulting in recommendations on key business processes optimization: technology, personnel, management
  • reorganization of financial management system
  • implementation of management accounting system
  • standardization and optimization of staff
  • assessment of cost effectiveness of suggested activities and their consulting support as well as evaluation of changes in employment potential of company
  • development of staff motivation system
  • overall organizational design for groups of companies resulting in financial, commodity and information flows schemes development