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Financing of Equipment and Machinery

The special program created to meet the Russian companies growing demand in imported equipment and machinery has been one of the company’s priorities since 2006.


In particular, the “ID Group” company implemented a number of projects aimed at long-term financing of over 40 m euro special equipment and machinery supplies in 2006-2010.





The program optimizes the "classical" imported equipment and machinery financing scheme:

  • principal repayment by installments during the period of 3 to 5 years
  • duties and VAD payments at the expense of foreign bank credit facilities
  • discounts from the leading manufacturers of machinery and equipment
  • funding of packaged supplies of equipment (machinery and equipment from various manufacturers)
  • project risks minimization at the investment stage due to the individual schedule of loan obligations repayment taking into account project specificity
  • 3% per year equipment value appreciation


The program implements:

  • supplier selection on the basis of technical requirements and economic feasibility
  • project financial scheme and optimal financing structure identification with participation of leading Western and Russian banks
  • legal and customs supervision of the project before equipment installation (if necessary)


Principal conditions of financing provision:

  • contract value is from 1 to 60 million Euro
  • availability of developed business plan or feasibility study as well as complete set of documents in accordance with the bank requirements (if necessary, our company is ready to provide additional services related to necessary documents preparation)
  • time period for financing commencement is from 1 month